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Audio Version of Article: Why Are People Mean? Don't Take It Personally!

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Research-based Psychological Tests

The following tests have been developed through research and shown to be able to categorize different behaviors, traits, or conditions. Although they were developed using statistical methods and standard research procedures, they are not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool in isolation. In other words, they can provide you with some information about yourself but to be fully diagnosed you need to be evaluated by a professional.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Cognitive Styles
  • Happiness
  • Personality
  • Rejection Sensitivity
  • Relationships
  • Self-Concept
  • Anxiety

    GAD-7, Generalized Anxiety Disorder
    This test measures whether you may have an anxiety disorder, particularly generalized anxiety disorder which is characterized by excessive worry.

    Willoughby Social Anxiety Scale
    This test assesses the degree to which a person is socially anxious. High scores can indicate Social Anxiety Disorder.


    This test screens for clinical depression.

    Cognitive Styles

    Cognitive Styles Test
    This is a 110 item test examining 13 styles of thinking that can lead to problems in relationships, problems at work or in school, and problems coping with life stressors. These styles include: Anxious Style, Self-Esteem Style, Perfectionistic Style, Approval-Seeking Style, Demand Style, Withholding Style, Control Style, Dependency Style, Externalizing Style, Emotional Style, Passivity Style, Trust Style, and Blaming Style

    Perceived Control Scale (Locus of Control)
    This test assesses the degree of control that you feel you have in three major areas of life: personal achievement, interpersonal relationships, and political institutions.


    Your Happiness Assessment
    This test is 119 items and assesses 14 areas of self-improvement that can help create the conditions for happiness: optimism, illness susceptibility, locus of control, compassion, trusting of others, affiliation, pleasantness, emotional stability, conscientiousness, assertiveness, self-confidence, gratefulness, approval-seeking, and playfulness.

    Positive Generalization Scale
    This test assesses the tendency to have positive expectations based upon previous experience.

    Satisfaction With Life Scale
    This scale assesses the degree to which a person is satisfied in life or may need to address some areas of dissatisfaction.


    Are You a Leader?
    This test assesses personality characteristics that are related to leadership qualities including tendency to lead, to be assertive and goal-oriented, and ability to cooperate.

    Perfectionist or Efficient?
    This test assesses personality characteristics that are related to perfectionism, efficiency, organization, and goal orientation.

    How Social Are You?
    This test assesses personality characteristics that are related to how social you are. Specifically, it rates how extroverted or introverted you are.

    Rejection Sensitivity

    Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire (Adult Version)
    This test assesses the degree to which a person is sensitive to rejection by others.  The adult version is for those beyond college age.

    Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire (Young Adult Version)
    This questionnaire assesses the degree to which a person is sensitive to rejection by others.  The young adult version is for those of college age.

    Appearance Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire
    This questionnaire assesses the degree to which a person is sensitive to rejection by others due to their appearance.


    Marital Disillusionment Questionnaire
    This questionnaire assesses your feelings about your marriage particularly whether you have become disillusioned with it which indicates dissatisfaction and losing faith or trust in your marriage.

    Measure of Attachment Qualities (Attachment Insecurity)
    This questionnaire assesses attachment tendencies and resulting anxiety and avoidance.


    General Self-Esteem
    This test measures general self-esteem which is the attitude you have towards yourself.

    General Self-Efficacy
    This questionnaire measures general self-efficacy which is your belief that you can handle situations so as to successfully attain your goals.

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