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Crazy-Makers: Dealing with Passive-Aggressive People

Why Are People Mean? Don't Take It Personally!

When You Have Been Betrayed

Struggling to Forgive: An Inability to Grieve

Happy Habits: 50 Suggestions

The Secret of Happiness: Let It Find You (But Make the Effort)

Excellence vs. Perfection

Depression is Not Sadness

Conflict in the Workplace

Motivation: Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic

20 Steps to Better Self-Esteem

7 Rules and 8 Methods for Responding to Passive-aggressive People

Promoting Healthy Behavior Change

10 Common Errors in CBT

What to Do When Your Jealousy Threatens to Destroy Your Marriage

Rejection Sensitivity, Irrational Jealousy and Impact on Relationships

For Women Only: How to Have the Relationship of Your Dreams

What to Do When Your Partner's Jealousy Threatens to Destroy Your Relationship

Making Attributions for a Healthier Attitude

Happiness is An Attitude

Thinking Your Way to a Healthy Weight

Guide to How to Set Achieveable Goals

The Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

Co-Dependency: An Issue of Control

The Pillars of the Self-Concept: Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy

Catastrophe? Or Inconvenience?


Panic Assistance

Motivational Audios

Mindfulness Training

Rational Thinking

Relaxation for Children

Change Yourself--Don't Wait for the World to Change

Loving Kindness Meditation

Self-Esteem Exercise

Meadow Relaxation

Rainy Autumn Morning

Energizing Audios

Quick Stress Relief

Thinking Your Way to a Healthy Weight

Lies You Were Told

Choosing Happiness

Lotus Flower Relaxation

Audio Version of Article: Crazy-Makers: Passive-Aggressive People

Audio Version of Article: Why Are People Mean? Don't Take It Personally!

Audio Version of Article: Happiness Is An Attitude

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Kindle Books by Dr. Monica Frank


Why You Get Anxious When You Don't Want To

Why People Feel Grief at the Loss of an Abusive Spouse or Parent

“Are You Depressed?”: Understanding Diagnosis and Treatment

15 Coping Statements for Panic and Anxiety

Beyond Tolerating Emotions: Becoming Comfortable with Discomfort

Emotion Training: What is it and How Does it Work?

How You Can Be More Resistant to Workplace Bullying

Are You Passive Aggressive and Want to Change?

When Your Loved One Refuses Help

The Porcupine Effect: Pushing Others Away When You Want to Connect

What if You Considered Other Peoples' Views?

5 Common Microaggressions Against Those With Mental Illness

What to Expect from Mindfulness-based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (MCBT) When You Have Depression and Anxiety

Does Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Lack Compassion? It Depends Upon the Therapist

When Needs Come Into Conflict

What to Do When Anger Hurts Those You Love

A Brief Primer On the Biology of Stress and How CBT Can Help

50 Tools for Panic and Anxiety

Coping With Change: Psychological Flexibility

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Ending a Bad Relationship

I'm Depressed. I'm Overwhelmed. Where Do I Start?


Building Blocks Emotion Training

Hot Springs Relaxation

5 Methods to Managing Anger

Panic Assistance While Driving

Autogenic Relaxation Training

Rainbow Sandbox Mindfulness

Mindfulness Training

Riding a Horse Across the Plains

Cityscape Mindfulness

Change Yourself--Don't Wait for the World to Change

The Great Desert Mindfulness

Tropical Garden Mindfulness

Thinking Your Way to a Healthy Weight

Lies You Were Told

Probability and OCD

Choosing Happiness

Magic Bubbles for Children

Lotus Flower Relaxation

Cloud Castles for Children

Hot Air Balloon Motivation

All Audio Articles

Excel At Life Android Self-Help Apps

Note to non-Android users: Excel At Life gets many questions about whether these apps will be available for Apple devices. Although a web-based version is being developed that can be used on any device (with data sync between devices) it will be awhile before it is completed. In the meantime, consider purchasing an inexpensive Android tablet. The RCA 7" tablet at Amazon ($40-45) has been tested with these apps. A data plan isn't necessary because Excel At Life's apps will work with wifi access.

Happy Habits: Choose Happiness!
Depression CBT Self-Help Guide
Stop Panic and Anxiety Self-Help
Cognitive Styles CBT Test
Cognitive Diary CBT Help
Worry Box--Anxiety Self-Help
Self-Esteem Blackboard
Jealousy Test & CBT Self-Help
Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation
SportPsych Performance Coach
Know Yourself Personality Plus
Excel At Life Ad-Free Support

The Best Eating Disorder iPhone and Android Apps Free Android App: IMPROVE YOUR LIFE BY CHANGING YOUR THINKING!

  • Are you stressed?
  • Do you have anxiety?
  • Do you have depression?
  • Are you controlling?
  • Does anger cause problems with others?
  • Do you have problems in relationships?
  • Do you tend to be jealous?
  • Do you have low self-esteem?
  • Are you unmotivated?
  • Do you want to be more satisfied in life?
  • If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this app can teach you how to recognize thinking that interferes with achieving your goals in life and how to change that thinking.

    Irrational beliefs lead to many life problems such as stress, anxiety, anger, depression, conflict in relationships among many other issues.

    Don't feel hopeless about changing your life. Learn the methods shown in psychological research to be effective.

    These self-help methods use the tools of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to challenge irrational thinking.

    The cognitive diary helps you to determine some ways to challenge the irrational thinking. Once you have done that, it is important to read the rational challenges frequently until they automatically come to mind rather than the irrational thinking.

    The app provides a simple way of doing this by reviewing the history of your recorded events.

    Also includes password protection and editing of your previous responses.

    Can customize irrational belief titles if using different system of cognitive therapy.

    Healthline Best Apps Depression 2017 Learn to control the stress that contributes to depression

    Free Android App: Self-Help for Depression

    ***Screening test with graph to monitor severity of depression
    ***Articles about clinical depression and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
    ***50 suggestions from CBT with a tracking feature to help focus positively and motivate
    ***Depression Assistance Audio to help understand clinical depression
    ***Cognitive Thought Diary to learn to challenge stressful thinking and provide positive feedback
    ***Emotion Training Audio to learn to access calming states
    ***Relaxation Audios to learn deep relaxation
    ***Password protection available
    ***Customization of graphics

    The natural management of depression involves understanding depression and the factors that contribute to the symptoms. Learning to manage stress in your life and engage in self-care behaviors can improve your symptoms.

    This app contains a depression severity test, audios, articles, a cognitive diary, and a motivational points system that help you learn how to do this.

    The Best Eating Disorder iPhone and Android Apps Free Android App: Self-Help Methods to Learn to Control Panic and Anxiety

    The info in this app assumes that the user is suffering from panic attacks due to Panic Disorder. It may not be applicable to other forms of anxiety. It focuses on the fear of having a panic attack and the fear of the sensations when having a panic.


    ***Articles about panic/anxiety and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
    ***Anxiety Thought Diary to learn to challenge fearful thinking
    ***Emotion Training Audio to learn to access calming states
    ***Relaxation Audios to learn deep relaxation
    ***Panic Assistance Audio to coach through panic attacks
    ***Password protection available

    Use Panic Assistance audio to coach you when you experience a panic attack and to help you learn to tolerate and control the anxiety symptoms. Also, can be used to assist with exposure therapy for Agoraphobia.

    The general idea of CBT is to repeat rational statements that challenge the irrational fears until the rational beliefs become stronger than the fears. Since it is difficult for a person to do this while having a panic attack, the panic assistance audio in this app helps you to do this. This self-help method can provide the coaching many people need to cope with panic. However, some people may need therapeutic help in addition to this.

    The Best Eating Disorder iPhone and Android Apps Free Android App: Use Worry Box diary, audios, articles to learn how to cope with worries

    ***Does worry cause you to lose sleep?
    ***Does worry cause you anxiety and tension?
    ***Does worry give you headaches?
    ***Do you avoid things due to fear of outcome?
    ***Does your worry cause conflict with others?


    Use the worry cognitive diary to help you determine how to cope with the worry. If it's controllable, you can list the steps you can take to manage the worry. If it's not controllable, select from the list of coping statements to help you think about it differently.


    Use the Worry Box audio to coach you through an exercise to learn how to manage worry. Determine whether your worry is important or unimportant and whether it is controllable or uncontrollable. Then use the worry box imagery and self-talk to learn how to put your worries away.

    Healthline Named a Top Anxiety App of 2014 Free Android App: Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation contains audios and videos to learn to relax.

    ***Qi Gong meditation videos
    ***Relaxation audios
    --Mountain Cabin
    --Day on the Farm Mindfulness
    --Magical Forest for Children (and the young at heart)
    --Rainbow Emotions

    Improve your physical health, relax and reduce your stress by learning Qi Gong, gentle movement combined with breathing. Qi Gong is a basic form of Tai Chi where you can experience the health benefits of Tai Chi without the years of training.

    Daily Qi Gong meditation:
    **Manages stress and related symptoms such as depression and anxiety
    **Reduces the impact of physical illness particularly arthritis, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure
    **Reduces pain and improves quality of life
    **Improves quality of sleep and reduces insomnia

    Download this app for links to VIDEOS teaching the methods of Qi Gong as well as providing a meditative Qi Gong.

    Bonus: Learn to relax and manage stress with relaxation audios that teach the three main methods of relaxation: breathing, muscle relaxation, and guided imagery.

    Healthline Named a Top Depression App of 2014 The Secret of Happiness: Let It Find You (But Make the Effort)

    This app uses the techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) from the positive psychology research to provide comprehensive tools to help create the conditions for happiness in your life.

    picture of ducks
    ***Your Happiness Assessment--119 item test assessing 14 factors that can affect happiness providing you with detailed results and suggestions
    ***Choosing Happiness Audio to help understand happiness and how to create the conditions for happiness
    ***Happiness Journal to create affirmations, record positive events, and a Happy To Do list selected from suggestions
    ***50 suggestions from CBT to increase the opportunity for happiness--you can also add your own!
    ***Points feature that allows you to track which suggestions you do each day
    ***Graph feature that allows you to view your daily points and progress
    ***Articles about happiness and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
    ***Emotion Training audios to help you learn to manage emotions and create a more positive attitude
    ***Relaxation Audios to learn deep relaxation
    ***Password protection available
    ***Graphics customizable--you can even use your own picture for the main screens (example in second screen shot)!


    This app is based upon research in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and is sponsored by a clinical psychologist. It is meant for personal assessment to aid in self-help for personal improvement. By examining your thinking styles, you can learn to change them which can reduce anxiety, depression, and unreasonable anger. In addition, you can improve your self-esteem and your relationships.

    The app includes articles to help you understand the process of cognitive therapy and how to use it.

    ***Cognitive Styles Test
    This is a 110 item test examining 13 styles of thinking that can lead to problems in relationships, problems at work or in school, and problems coping with life stressors.

    These styles include:
    ***Anxious Style
    ***Self-Esteem Style
    ***Perfectionistic Style
    ***Approval-Seeking Style
    ***Demand Style
    ***Withholding Style
    ***Control Style
    ***Dependency Style
    ***Externalizing Style
    ***Emotional Style
    ***Passivity Style
    ***Trust Style
    ***Blaming Style

    This psychology test can tell you the thinking styles that cause you to act and feel the way you do. By learning what types of cognitive styles you have, you can determine what types of irrational thinking you are likely to engage in. Certain irrational thinking will create additional life problems or make it difficult to solve the problems you are confronted with.

    Free Android App: Use cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) methods to improve your self-esteem!

    Do you have low self-esteem?
    Does it affect your relationships?
    Does it prevent you from being successful at work?
    Are you unhappy with yourself?
    Do you have problems with anxiety and/or depression?

    Then, this app may be for you. This app was developed by a clinical psychologist using the methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help improve self-esteem.

    ***Articles about self-esteem and cognitive-behavioral therapy
    ***Test: What Is Your Self-Concept?
    ***Create positive self-talk on the the Self-Esteem Blackboard
    ***Review the affirmations on your blackboard
    ***Self-Esteem Assistance Audio to change self-talk created by past experiences
    ***Self-Esteem Blackboard Audio to help visualize changing your self-talk
    ***Relaxation audios

    ***Password protection
    ***Email your affirmation list and test results

    Free Android App: Is irrational Jealousy causing problems in your relationship?

  • Are you overly suspicious of your partner?
  • Do you question your partner excessively?
  • Do you check up on your partner?
  • Do you need frequent reassurance?
  • Does your jealousy cause anger directed at your partner?
  • Is your relationship being harmed by these issues
  • Is your jealousy not based on evidence?
  • Is it, in fact, contrary to the evidence?
  • If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this app uses the methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to teach you how to address the irrational jealousy that interferes with your relationship.

    This app contains:
    A number of articles written by Monica A. Frank, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy, help you understand irrational jealousy and CBT.

    Evaluates the reasons WHY you have jealousy if you have already shown that you have a problem. However, does not determine IF you have a problem. Provides information about fears that cause irrational jealousy: Fear of Inadequacy, Fear of Feeling Bad, Fear of Loss of Ego, Fear of Loss, Fear of Being Hurt, & Fear of Vulnerability.

    Links to audios to help you challenge the irrational thinking, to retrain your emotional response, and to learn to calm yourself. Audios can also be downloaded at ExcelAtLife.com.

    The Jealousy Cognitive Diary helps you to determine some ways to challenge the irrational thinking. Once you have done that, it is important to read the rational challenges frequently until they automatically come to mind rather than the irrational thinking. The app provides a simple way of doing this by reviewing the history of your recorded events.

    Free Android App: Learn SportPsych Skills To Improve Athletic Performance--Journal & Evaluation

    ***Do you want to learn how to be "in the zone" during competition?
    ***Do you want to improve your concentration and focus when performing?
    ***Do you need to increase your motivation and belief in yourself?
    ***Do you want to learn mental practice of your athletic skills to assist with muscle memory?
    ***Does negative self-talk defeat you when competing?
    ***Do you become overly tense when performing/competing?
    ***Could you achieve more if you had better mental focus?

    If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, download this app to learn the mental skills to increase your motivation, focus, concentration, awareness and flow to improve your athletic performance

    ***Statistical evaluation of your performance when you record ratings in new journal feature

    ***Audios on sport motivation, intensity training, mindfulness, and sport imagery

    ***Sport psychology articles

    This app is based on psychological research and is sponsored by a clinical sport psychologist. It teaches the sport psychology techniques to enhance athletic performance and achieve success.

    Sport psychology uses the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to teach the use of mental methods to improve your performance in any sport but can be especially useful with golf, martial arts, track. Most elite athletes use these mental skills whether they were formally taught or learned them through experience. However, amateur athletes can improve their performance by including these skills in their practice.


    How Compatible Is Your Relationship?
    ***Both you and your friend can take the tests and obtain compatibility info when you compare your results.
    PURPOSE: To help discuss and analyze relationships.

    Do You Really Know Yourself?
    ***Have a friend take the tests about you and compare results.
    CAUTION: Be prepared to learn things you might not want to know.

    How Do You Compare to Friends?
    ***Compare your results to friends who take the tests on the same device.

    This app has over 40 tests covering more than 100 personality characteristics.

    Support Excel At Life for an ad-free experience with your favorite self-help apps!

    The purchase of this app not only provides you with an ad-free experience with the listed apps, but it allows Excel At Life to continue to provide apps that can help you improve your life. Before purchasing this app, try the free apps first. All your data is preserved in the free app, only the ads are removed when you purchase this app.


    You will be able to use all the apps in this list without any additional purchase!

    Apps Now Available Ad-Free:
    ***Happy Habits: Choose Happiness! Version 1.0+
    ***Depression CBT Self-Help Guide Version 1.3+
    ***Stop Panic and Anxiety Self-Help Version 3.5+
    ***Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help Version 3.5+
    ***Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation 5.1+
    ***Know Yourself Personality Test 3.5+
    ***Cognitive Styles CBT Test 3.0+
    ***Jealousy Test and CBT Self-Help 2.3+
    ***Self-Esteem Blackboard 3.0
    ***SportPsych Performance Coach 3.1.1

    This one-time purchase removes the ads from ALL the apps in the above list. More of Excel At Life's apps will be added to this list as they are updated and as new apps are developed. You will be able to use them ad-free as well!

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