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Audio Version of Article: Why Are People Mean? Don't Take It Personally!

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PsychNotes June 2018
by Monica A. Frank, Ph.D.
Clinical and Sport Psychologist

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June 29, 2018

Cognitive Diary Example: Eating Alone

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Event: Eating lunch alone in the cafeteria.

Emotions: rejected, shameful, inadequate

Distress Rating: 7--Distress, less in control

Thoughts: I look pathetic having lunch all by myself. Others think that I'm ugly and useless and not worth spending time with. Maybe if I was pretty and skinny others would like me. I should go on a strict diet and get some nicer clothes when I lose weight. There's no point in dressing better or taking better care of myself right now because I'm too fat to look pretty.

Can You Identify the Irrational Thinking in this Example? There are at least 3 irrational beliefs.

How Can You Change the Thinking? What is another way of thinking about the situation that won't cause the feelings of rejection, shame, and inadequacy?

Tap Here For Answer

June 28, 2018


Excel At Life's Cognitive Diary app listed in Healthline's 2018 Best Apps for Eating Disorder Recovery

Healthline's list of apps for eating disorder recovery

"Anxiety and depression can cause irrational beliefs to take over and have negative consequences on our lives. Cognitive Diary is another CBT-focused app designed to teach you how to challenge irrational thoughts driven by anxiety, depression, anger, and stress. It allows you to create a list of irrational beliefs and then offers a list of rational challenges. Customize the emotions/moods list, add coping statements that work for you, and create a unique color design for the app." -- Healthline

Healthline's list of apps for eating disorder recovery

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