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Audio Version of Article: Crazy-Makers: Passive-Aggressive People

Audio Version of Article: Why Are People Mean? Don't Take It Personally!

Audio Version of Article: Happiness Is An Attitude

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Help Translate or Proofread Translations

Help others get the help they need!
If you like Excel At Life's Android apps and would like to give others the opportunity to use these apps, please consider participating with our Crowdin project. A "crowd" project is when people volunteer as much or as little as they like to help with the translations. The more people who volunteer, the more quickly the project can be completed and the more accurate the translation will be. If your English isn't good enough to translate, you can help by proofreading translations that others have made.

If you are interested, you can find the project here: https://crowdin.com/project/excelatlife/invite

About the Project

Currently, the Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help app is listed on the project. This is because it is the most basic of the apps and is the core feature of many of the other apps. Once it is translated, a good portion of several of the other apps will be translated as well including Depression CBT Self-Help Guide, Stop Panic and Anxiety Self-Help, Worry Box--Anxiety Self-Help, and Jealousy Test CBT Self-Help. Once the Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help is translated, then the additional text for the other apps can be translated.

Guide for Translating

1) Register and choose language. Go to Crowdin and register to participate in the project. Click on the language you want to translate and select a file.

2) Check the machine translation. First, check and see if the machine translation is accurate or almost accurate. If it is, you can click on it to use as the translation. Then, make whatever changes you need to make to it.

3) Vote for translations.. If more than one person is working on a translation, you can review the other participants' translations and vote for it (+), against it (-), or report abuse. Please vote if other translations are available so that I can determine which translation to use. You can find the vote option at the bottom of each translated text or a vote tab at the top of the screen.

4) What to do about "\n" or "\n\n". Sometimes you will see code in the text to be translated. The most common code will be "\n" or "\n\n" which tells the program to make a line space. When you see this code, leave it in just as it is and translate the word that comes after it. For example, if you see "\nDiary" then keep "\n" and translate Diary.

5) Button text. Some of the text is used for buttons. Screenshots are included with much of the text to be translated so you can see if it is a button. If it is, it is best to try to keep the translation short (close to the length of the English), if possible.

6) Other codes. Sometimes, especially in the articles, you will see other codes such as <i>, </i>, <b>, </b> which indicate "italics" and "bold". When you see them in the text, leave them in as they are.

7) Translate articles last. The articles are long and time-consuming. It will be easier when more people are working on the project. I think the apps can be released as long as all the navigation and directions are translated. If the articles aren't translated at first, I can add a note of explanation and asking for assistance with the translation.

8) Check back here. Periodically, as people have questions that are relevant for all the translators, I will update this page so check here to see if answers to your questions have been posted. Any questions you have can be submitted through the Crowdin console which is best especially if it concerns the other translators for your language. For example, how a certain word should be interpreted.

The Future of Excel At Life

Since you are volunteering your time, I want to let you know my intentions. I have been working on the Excel At Life website project for more than ten years and on the Android apps for four years. My primary goal is to provide people with this information and assistance which is why the apps and audio downloads are free. However, as you know, the apps and website are ad-supported (or an ad-free version can be purchased). So far, all income from this project has been returned to the project to cover the costs of the website, professional recording of the audios, and other expenses. I would not be able to have translated versions of these apps without your assistance.

My intention is to always keep these materials and tools free to whoever wants to use them. However, I do hope that this project will make a profit at some point so that I can devote myself 100% to it as well as obtain help so that it can grow and reach more people.

Thank you for any assistance that you can provide!

Monica Frank

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